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S-1 is a registration statement used in the initial public offering of securities. A Form S-1 is required to be filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to register a public company’s securities with the SEC. Your shares can’t be listed on the national exchange without it. The S-1 contains the basic business and financial information on an issuer.

What Is It?

This document is formally known as Registration Statement under the Securities Exchange Act of 1933. The purpose is to provide the SEC and the investors all information about your company so they know to ensure they’re investing in a legitimate company. It would contain:

  • Plans for Use of Capital Proceeds
  • Information on the Current Business Model
  • Information on Competition
  • Prospectus on the Security
  • Dilution in other Securities
  • Offering Price Methodology
  • Disclosure of Material Business Dealings

This form can be eventually modified or updated if the material information or general marketing conditions change. The S-1 is very detailed and some companies try to avoid it in favor of the S-3 form but not all companies can do that. S-3 is shorter and less comprehensive and while it might work for smaller companies, it doesn’t for large businesses.

S-1 is about eight pages long but requires some attention and takes a long time to fill. That’s why you need to hire professionals like us to handle the task. We’ll make sure that the S-1 form is filled with accurate information and filed on time. We’ve guided many companies through this process successfully in the past, and will offer the same reliable service to you. We’re a one-stop destination for everything you need to go public. Our experts will offer the best advice and will always answer any questions you might have.

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